Closet Clean-outs

Helping with sorting through all your most precious textiles is Oficina Gabardine’s most exclusive service, including the following:

– feedback based on international and national markets’ research– tailoring your future shopping wishes into the right investments
– an online shopping demonstration
– guidance through stressful mispurchases
– a critical eye for all fittings
– a redecorated and newly reduced closet
– advice on art and decoration as a key component of dressing room and closet revival (see recommended colorful sculptures at EDITIONS)

We withhold judgment of clients’ past shopping journeys and, instead, we curate what you already have and what to keep while also enthusiastically forecasting future needs. We guarantee that your walk-in closet will become a stage for you, representing you and your tastes to the world instead of trends.


€1200 till €1800,- (minimum of eight hours, maximum of twelve, based on a hourly rate of €150 including VAT)
*This rate is only valid for EU countries and not available for companies.


Travel costs
No additional travel cost is added within the Netherlands.
International clients will cover travel and hotel cost based on a different international rate.

An initial online interview of thirty minutes will determine if our adviser is the right professional for your closet. Request an interview with Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz here.