Diane Pernet Paris – Shaded Perfume

The darkness around the missionary spider’s movements is nothing to worry about; it’s more of a ceremony in between the bottle and the nose. Transporting milliliters of perfumed water from the deep dark and having it injected or sprayed; it refers to a personal and harmonious ritual.

Starting by To Be Honest, feeling Wanted, dream In Pursuit Of Magic, passing by Shaded and believe in Love Affair; Oficina Gabardine goes for . . . SHADED.

Shaded evokes a nocturnal bath in the sea. The salt on your skin, subtle incense and newfound sensations await a secret lover’s encounter. Lightly caressed in the ocean mist, every feeling is shaded by an intense plume of vetiver and surrounded by the deepest touch of musk and Guaiac wood.

It’s all contained inside that 30ml black bottle, where the new dimensions in perfumery have been edited, all curated by Diane’s maverick nose and eyes.

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