• Yoram Tomasowa’s backstage detail

  • Anne Kluytenaar (LUX IS CROSSING) brought her ‘Coco’ males into a rapid cloud of cigarette smoke and pearl acoustic, while still carrying a virile line. Clever.

  • Maxime Cartens (FIKA) called for a fluid minimal elegance. Only for lively girls.

  • Ben Dekker (NO TITLE) upgraded sneakers by customizing them, making the total look accessible for a modern urban male willing to invade fashion’s peripheries. Sexy.

  • Julian Stips (MOOD MOSAIC) did not scrimp when it came to fabrics. It felt all very sensational, like an incognito woman heading to a special occasion. Shaded Toreras

  • Hendrickje Schimmel (TRUTH) proved to be the only one encrusting graphics while communicating luxury. Indeed a fashionable truth

  • Peet Dullaert’s (LIQUORISH) females were dressed for a busy working day or an early evening dinner with no regrets. Chic-ness treated through different materials including Lurex knits. Metropolitan.

  • Yoram Tomasowa (ARCHE-RE-TYPE 01) obtained raw and geometrical combinations by limiting himself to a few fabrics. Experimentalism.

Date 19.06.2012

ArtEZ Bachelor 2012: fashion future

A new generation of ArtEZ graduates (2012) is ready for further independent developments, entering any challenging position within fashion’s vorágine (whirlpool). This time ArtEZ’s industrial and immense show venue contributed to proclaim the bachelor’s obsessive concrete floor journey: quality.

A unanimous vision from all designers was made clear with their appetite for international dispute, which was achieved by delivering well-made designs. With an obvious tendency for 60’s couture silhouettes, most of them manipulated to the point of street compatibility, all clothes were impeccably made provoking desire even for fashion outsiders sitting at the endless first row. Thomas Voorn’s styling in collaboration with the students was the stampede to remind all of us “on the finishing” defines “fashion”, under a strong accessory’s presence.