• The new front . . . Yona, Zhengzheng, Hanna, Jonathan and Nick - Photo: © Team Peter Stigter

  • Hanna Siwecki: IROTSUYA Network. An oversize silhouette deforms space’s limits, intending to interact and network further than the user’s space. Her prints communicate social struggles through and in the Internet; certain commercial easiness reflects the female blogger look. Sporty.

  • Yona van Mansfeld: ELUSIVE CLASHING. Matureness accompanied Mansfeld’s designs when trying to use some high-tech fabrics in a modern way. Daring with a strong use of colours (inspired by Krijn de Koning), the pieces were aggressive in form and were outside the usual conventions of patterns (when it comes to shape).

  • Nick Rosenboom: THE SAD PARADE. Feminine, pretty, and definitely well made: ready-for-retail. Rosenboom’s ten looks were dedicated and studied for today’s aware women. It’s inevitable to see the designer working in Italy after his ArtEZ’s bachelor graduation in 2005. Refined, OG’s fav!

  • Zhengzheng Li: SUBCONSCIOUSNESS. The comic boy becoming the graphic man was Li’s message sent as a metamorphosis communicated via garments. Clearly a very personal proposal: while he had used men’s tailoring techniques, the result was not a masculine feel instead it was brought closer to a gender disorder, an unclear gender definition. Progressive.

  • Jonathan Christopher Hofwegen: PERSONATUS. A natural tendency to masculine luxury kept running Hofwegen’s dream men. There was some harshness when fur contrasted with transparent long t-shirts, making them look like male dresses. Prints are used in a discreet way, as the designer wants his men not only to dress but also to act. Boyish.

Date 21.07.2011

ArtEZ Masters 2011: Fashion Design – Generation 12

The annual summer calendar from Amsterdam Fashion Week includes ArtEZ’s graduation collection from the MA Fashion department as shown last Thursday. Within The Netherlands, this Arnhem course offers all graduated bachelor designers, both national and international, the possibility to exercise and improve their career in two years. Its collective mission is to find-discover depth in each individual’s vision, and regulate it according to the industrial current necessities. The MA building in the centre of Arnhem has an excellent infrastructure: silk-screen studio, ateliers, photo studios and a knitting section. Recognize worldwide, ArtEZ searches constantly for new course candidates with the strict idea of founding a small front of creative minds, with appetite for improvement. This way, the professor-alumni interaction remains dynamic and personalized, what they call tailor-made education. Here is some impressions form the new professionals, enjoy them!