• MTeMpTy Magazine by Monika Turczyn

  • The Transgress Journal by Marij E. Rynja

  • FORMAE is Anne Buis

  • Kaira van Wijk’s CineMode

  • Tschagsalmaa Borchuu

  • Amber Zeekaf

  • Jenny Nessmar

Date 06.07.2011

ArtEZ Masters 2011: FASHION STRATEGY – Generation 19

June was a significant month for the Dutch fashion capital Arnhem. Outside the brilliant month of the Fashion Biënnale left behind are new creatives to follow. ArtEZ has delivered new potential talents to supply the fashion industry with: designers and media-retail professionals. ArtEZ’s Fashion Strategy course (theory and practice) under the direction of Mascha van Zijverden, has seven master students with a common denominator: precession in service. With a general high level in their graduation exam, the group touched topics as “the return of paper”, interesting retail proposals and alterations within the use of the Internet.

MTeMpTy Magazine by Monika Turczyn brings you close to the idea of purchasing a magazine immediately. Her approach is not only visual but also tactile, the use of paper communicates the delicious feeling of owning a magazine-book. Possession mixed with desire, where Monika exercises the international network involved in her final product. She also uses her work in retail to her advantage; therefore, her editorial vision goes deeper than the paper itself.

The Transgress Journal by Marij E. Rynja is a last minute call for those avoiding style. No matter where you start it, this Amsterdam born writer confronts males with their insecurities-uncertainties towards females or vice versa. Its ambiguity wakes up conversation; I simply imagine it discreetly lying in an airport passenger lounge looking supremely stylish, but at the same time acting as a dangerous tool. Her intentions are healthy: changes as freedom’s result.

Behind FORMAE is Anne Buis, whose image represents a modern journalist opposing to fashion’s commercial gestures. If skinny is the trend’s motto, Anne will take care to simultaneously define voluminous. Opposites are open for discussion in her controversial manual, market’s visual patterns are always there to be analyzed and eventually changed. She believes it’s our quotidian interrogates who confirm how valid fashion ideals are.

Kaira van Wijk’s CineMode takes special care in fashion film; the energetic runway dynamic could be held through videos and give a larger chance for mass effects. She agrees an exclusive high-end elite surrounds fashion events, but it might affect everybody. Instead in CineMode, Kaira tries to find substitutes (documentaries and stylish films) while sharing her storytelling’s. She advices: – Marcus Gaab interview that’s on the website and I also enjoy writing the reviews on fashion videos.

Tschagsalmaa Borchuu travelled the whole way to native Mongolia to create an impressive film called Luck-xury. Exporting her rural tradition and translating it into a refined metropolitan environment was successful. As a brand strategist, Tschagsalmaa chooses cashmere to tell the story and she does it to the level of exclusivity. She could definitely revamp one of those classic Italian cashmere groups lacking modernity giving it a new fresh edge. Her cultural exile is still calling her products spiritual, but luxury.

Amber Zeekaf brings solutions to retailers, specially the small ones struggling with the use of modern technology and willing to develop new services. Her charming persona will allow any storeowner to listen to this just-born consultant, and use her realistic opinion on special events. The S/S resort collection has arrived in the store, and Amber decides to invite all the female clients for lunch. I love it. Old shopping techniques and customers treats adapted to the present times, intentionally designed to separate the violent online moment from the personalized one. Sensational retail.

Jenny Nessmar believes in developments to satisfy the high-tech consumers (via visual devices), who would love to shop anywhere, anytime. It’s about client’s commodity after a precise study in the store floor, how clients behave physically to transform it into virtually. More or less, once consumers catch the brand-company spirit, she then prepares them to exercise it even form long distance without loosing the atmosphere. She believes in a futuristic digital world.