• Royal Dutch: King Willem-Alexander & Queen Máxima

Date 01.05.2013

Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands wears monotone by JAN TAMINIAU

The return of monarchic chic was unanimously seen during the Dutch royal investiture yesterday in Amsterdam. The most speculated look in the last three months, and the candidate turned out to match whom fashion connoisseurs had in mind, Jan Taminiau. After Queen Beatrix’s official abdication in the early morning at the family palace, the new Dutch Queen guided the courtship towards the church in royal blue with her just promoted King, Willem-Alexander. Sharp shoulders defined a strict posture (almost rigid and even militarist from distance), while hiding a fluid chiffon dress embroidered in Paris by Maison Lesage in collaboration with Taminiau.

“An international boost for the successful Dutch couturier”

After two months of work, Taminiau fastidiously managed to create the right composition for the Queen when seen next to her King. Queen Máxima was wearing a languid and stunning opaque cape, while contrasting the King’s dominant coronation mantle. Indeed, it was not one Jan Taminiau dress but two. For the later ceremony (Royal Sea Shipping), she went full length again but this time in purple. In a see of orange (Dutch national color), red did not perform symbolizing the passion and dedication this Argentinean has delivered to the entire country in the last decade. But instead, it seems her original Argentinean national color light blue was born into brighter blues. Charity begins at home, viva La Reina and Jan Taminiau!