Monument Magazine No 3 – Oscar Suleyman

The third edition is dedicated to Oscar Suleyman – the fashion label of Oscar Raaijmakers and Süleyman Demir that added some irresistible chic to Dutch Fashion.

Monument is the first publication that is entirely dedicated to their body of work.

The duo’s intriguing fictional, historical, and real-life muses take a special place in the magazine.

As Monument facilitates dialogue between past and present, replicas of classic Oscar Suleyman looks have been created in collaboration with the designers to fit contemporary muses.

Writer Tatjana Almuli and social phenomenon Gia Bab present the reflective garments in the picture of this invite.

This issue features contributions by photographers Woody Bos and Abel Minnée, fashion researcher Aïcha Abbadi and writer Tatjana Almuli alongside many images from the designer’s archive.

Monument is a project initiated by Mary-Lou Berkulin, Graphic design by Karen van de Kraats.

Author: Mary-Lou Berkulin

Publisher: MONUMENT

Type: Softcover

Dimensions: 170mm x 245 mm

Paperback | English | 96 Pages | Nov 4, 2021

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