Date 20.04.2012

Reusing a thread: Iñiy Sanchez’s Sustainable Earth Sweater

When the Dutch Institute for Design and Fashion (PREMSELA) selected Iñiy Sanchez (1983) next to two other designers to bring a statement on sustainable fashion, the Rotterdam based designer was already investigating this controversial field. Sanchez (ArtEZ Fashion Masters 2007) guarantees that sustainable products should count with the feeling a regular consumer desires. In the end all garments accomplish a unique sensation, that’s how they become timeless treasures in our wardrobes.

While designing a sensation is about the way the piece feels, sourcing materials is her primordial in order to become one’s favorite. The techniques used for this beyond couture ‘earth sweater’ tell a story just above your skin cells, which is all about the embroidered planisphere, softly handcrafted. Customizing the piece on the user’s request brings the possibility of transformations and improvements; using one solo thread makes all three exhibited pieces. Stripping it down to its original material can create the possibility of constructing a new version, also reaching durability next to personalization. If sustainable fashion emancipation lies on tailor made products, we can already perceive here a modest confrontation to prêt-a-porter. It looks like couture, it feels wearable and the pretentious expensive aspect has vanished. If we are into defining fashion’s future, minimizing waste of materials and reusing them, then it feels like we are heading down the right path.

A FASHION ODYSSEY – Until May 20th 2012

DESIGNHUIS – Stadhuisplein 3 – Eindhoven(NL)