Date 10.11.2014

Amsterdam’s 2014 charitable and humanitarian peak: ORANGE BABIES FASHION BALL

This year is the 15th year of the Orange Babies Foundation, and to celebrate they kicked off with a gala ball in Amsterdam. The foundation, which was created in partnership with Mr.Baba Sylla, works to support African mothers and their babies who are infected with HIV. The motivation for the event was neatly summed up in the words of John Kattenberg (House of Orange CEO):“Love, Respect and More Love”

The auction soirée which took place last Saturday seamlessly blended fashion, design and benevolence, with slogans such as “WE RAISE FUNDS BY CELEBRATING LIFE” and “BY GIVING SOMETHING BACK”, symbolizing the warm intentions of this influential institution. Located in a former industrial factory, the event delivered two exquisite runway shows and included the work of fifteen Dutch fashion designers (Claes Iversen, Bas Kosters and David Laport). To further add to the prestige of the event, Dutch models such as Dewi Driegen, Sophie Vlaming and Danyelle De Jager; stylists Jetteke van Lexmond, Marije Goekoop and Johannes van Heel, and make-up artists and hair stylists Ilham Mestour collaborated to help in telling this fascinating story of fashion.

This was indeed a well-chosen example of how fashion can proceed further outside its traditional international exposures in big capitals, and move on from the exhausting daily digital behaviors associated with them. Here, Orange Babies joined forces with Parisian designer Azzedine Alaïa with a common shared denominator: the pleasure of helping. With a shared and solid capacity to remember the world’s relevant health issues, the collaboration was not only emotionally touching but also offered a poignant human touch.

Outside of his traditional work in Paris, Alaïa seldom supports proposals unless they are truly meaningful or go beyond fashion’s boundaries itself – la charité. The event on Saturday perfectly fit this requirement, and ultimately unified Amsterdam and Paris in its ambition; fifteen years on the African cause received national and international backing to once again communicate that we don’t live alone in this world.