Date 30.09.2020

Big toe’s pinky toe’s for OTTOLINGER SS2021 – Text by OG

Once so much crafted cuteness gets deeper under your skin, you will have no choice but to become part of the Ottolinger all-body types superpower girls!

We would advise you, if this happens, to enlighten yourself by watching their recently shared video for-summer 2021. Here, footwear dominates the brand’s self-confident silhouette and it becomes evident that nothing guarantees a better summer than leather sole sandals barely clinging to one’s feet. The new desire to walk freely upon sand while wearing puffy strap heels demands to understand the pleasure of letting granulated heat under your toes.

The attention that Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, the Berlin-based label, invest in details on their strappy garments (often looking like mock-ups still under construction) makes the wearer feel like part of the creative process rather than a person just wearing asymmetrical clothing. And that is the moment Ottolinger hits the jackpot: their women keep creating as though part of a sci-fi fantasy while testing out new designs. This becomes inevitably woven or knitted with the products (mesh tops, rubber pants, etc). And the same applause goes out to the vegan leather bag. Ottolinger’s quality gummy bag’s handles are treated with intense flavors and a variety of shapes, like Haribo’s sour, happy-cola, or sour s’ghetti.

May sour candies be hidden on all those melting signature handbags, looking like personal pets filled with emotions and confectionary summer dreams. These are the same dreams reinforcing their attractive appearances. May these “feeling good” athletic girls rule under the sun again soon!