• Logos on work wear are important in order to identify the staff and the company

  • Denim archaeologists . . . diligent uniforms and their multifunctional wear-ability turn the daily basics into frivolous situations, when opening your door the handsome delivery guy is wearing a cuddly motorcycle helmet. Down, remains of workmen’s clothing.

  • From workshop to runway . . . challenging, as mechanic is to describe, the way work wear transports its harsh construction features from the auto garage working space into the street is interesting. Sometimes climbing into the runway, an audacious trajectory sturdily guarantees a high voltage appeal. Various overalls and the perfect example: Jean Paul Gaultier’s SS2010 pink gardening trouser.

  • Fashion . . . designers are rather addicted to tailoring or molding (moulage), and are always seduced by industrial forms to implant in their creations. Name them Bless or Walter van Beirendonck, Denham the Jeanmaker or Levi's Vintage Clothing, their common denominator is transportation. An apron existing since the 14th century, here’s Marloes Blass FW2010. Photo: © Team Peter Stigter

  • Personal wear . . .recent acquisitions seem already worn, with fabric treatments reflecting a living experience. It’s the staring point of a loyal relationship not only during those heavy working days, but accidentally shared on public domain, as fashion loves. Always avoiding dust, caps recognizing a particular profession.

Date 02.03.2012

Couturized workwear styles do influence fashion, says MONIQUE VAN HEIST

In the Netherlands Rotterdam’s skyline symbolizes the industrial progress the city has achieved in the last half century. Reconstructing and building buildings and bridges hasn’t been only architecture and civil engineering responsibilities. Fashion’s role has been also severe within working obligations, to the point of selling shirts with sleeves already rolled up. Welcome to workaholic Rotterdam!

Function not only becomes fashion, it’s the textil industry that went deeper decade by decade improving service – currently shown at Schielandhuis. Fashion designer and guest curator Monique van Heist went further by proving workwear’s long term durability and repels fashion’s superficial trend-ibility. WORK STYLE, butch topics for a successfully living!

WORK STYLE – February 28th – September 30th 2012
Museum Rotterdam – Schielandhuis, Short Hoogstraat 31, 3011 GK – Rotterdam (NL)