• Inna Stein & Caroline Rohner - Weissensee School of Art MA Berlin

  • Emma Hardstaff - Royal College of Art MA, London

  • Gino Anthonisse - Royal Academy of Art The Hague

  • Ida Gro Christiansen - Royal College of Art MA, London

  • Angel Chen - Central Saint Martins, London

  • Jessica Mort - Central Saint Martins Fashion Masters London

Date 29.10.2014

From Eindhoven (NL) MODEBELOFTE 2014: la chambre tropicale (vip) de la discothèque

This year’s Eindhoven Dutch Design Week saw a selection of cutting-edge fashion talent, with ‘SEDUCTIVE PRECURSORS’ (directed and curated by Niek Pulles & Harm Resink) by MODEBELOFTE 2014 displaying work from various Dutch and international Bachelor and Master programmes. The collaboration with local retailer You Are Here presented a seamless spectacle that combined fashion with an educational message, and delivered a stylish counterpoint to the seven days of high voltage raw Dutch design that had preceded it. The educational aspect ensured that there was deeper sea of meaning to the presentation, and vigorously opposed the flat commercialism that we all suffer from today. The message was clear – we live in a creative world and we are all guests of a vibrant scene where “fashion is the teacher of art and culture”.

Located in an abandoned disco, the one-week project felt as familiar as the 24/7 venues. With nothing but a blank space to customize, the curators chose to use a combination of black walls, directional light (sponsored by Philips as “charity begins at home”) and a touch of white dust emanating from the granulated white floor to create a Tim Burton Corpse Bride goes clubbing atmosphere. By confronting various visitors – the consumers of tomorrow – with garments that adhere to strict guidelines in the use of materials, patterns, techniques, and the artwork attached to them, the graduates work selection highlighted itself as the year’s national fashion event.

The collections looked forward to the near future that is within our reach and suggested a break with the unnecessary past. Within its motorized madness (graduating students coming from the Netherlands, the UK and Germany), it perfectly fitted the times we live in. When closing your eyes and letting yourself float, Blitz Kids from London or N.Y.C. would have surrounded you; making you float even higher. Very international!

Two young visionaries chose black lingerie dummies to bring their contemporary looks to life – rotating their stiff bodies in the air while The V.I.P. room at the back screamed YAH in neon yellow lights. It was a perfect unity of music and fashion and once again highlighted the ability of those young creative souls to embrace the aesthetics of their cultural moment. There was neither Dress Code nor Guest List – the “dress-to-impress” dancers were already inside and it was us who were the ones delayed!