Date 30.09.2010

Geoffrey Lillemon’s RESIDENTIAL CATS

You might believe when turning off the light at home before bed that everybody is horizontal – but you are wrong indeed.

In Amsterdam things are running differently…  in a sumptuous mansion dated from 1667, located in the old heart of the city, cats fully dressed in couture gowns start a new evening, giving to those royal interiors the dynamic they deserve.

Documented in photography, SPHINX SKINS is a series of feline fashion portraits featuring 15-year old cat twins Terry and Lily among mechanical cat installations. The exclusive worldwide event brings together for the first time the unique mind of Europe’s leading cat photographer Geoffrey Lillemon with the fashion designer behind the creations of haute cat couture – Sofie Zwerver (ArtEZ ).

Here lie enough reasons to party on Sunday! With the cats posing professionally for the lens, The Cat Cabinet exposes their latest acquisition; a portrait by Leonor Fini (1908-1996) of her own Persian cats.  The Cat Cabinet will be having a flowing tea and bubbles party on October 3rd at 4pm.

Expect to see Terry and Lily relaxing after the turbulent and elegant celebration in the ballroom the night before. Anyway, these kinds of cats have always entered the house via the main entrance. Considering fashion a discipline with no boundaries, Terry and Lily might be first row in the next couture shows in January 2011.

Katten Kabinet

Herengracht 497

1017BT Amsterdam (NL)