Date 22.12.2020

Happy Holidays, World!


Superstitiously speaking, we have created endless conspiracy theories this year to put the year 2020 on trial for being the most horrifying one. A waste of time, it seems, at a time when time itself is priceless and needed to save lives. And, of course, putting our responsibility as humans aside.


But truly facing the facts, Mother Earth, equality for everyone, and social justice demand that we, all together, stop and pay respect to a new pandemic. We must work together, like when a car’s engine suddenly dies, leaving us perplexed in the middle of an empty, empty road where silence is the only worth.


The old systems are debilitated after such a long wait, and we have realized the power of our beautiful planet operates as follows: if we don’t take care of it, it will shake us up and lock us down. It doesn’t even need to ask our permission!


Time is honor now and, in the end, we will slowly accept that 2020 was the dearest one. It was the one that will help us to finally leave the old traditions behind and start delivering real clothing for a new consumer. The same one that asks, again and again, what you will be wearing on your valued body before you’ve even purchased anything.


Now all of us, undressed and still inside our homes, are responsible for guiding consumers towards the right choice when going online or outside. This means not only training them to know what real garments are, but also letting them discover the joy of socializing that comes with sharing their choices while knowing what they are carrying. It doesn’t matter if they are at home, at work, with friends or at the market. How powerful is that!


Much like how we admire the skills of a qualified driver, we are proud to let 2021 take us along for a fascinating new ride!

– Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz

  • Photo © OG
  • Artwork © Ulises Chamorro