• Couture: Frans Molenar by Jan Boelo . . . both willing to enhance women’s beauty

  • Icons: Mathilde Willink by Aynouk Tan . . . different times, similar adjectives

  • Make-up: Ellis Faas by Inglot Cosmetics . . . make-up artists in the kingdom of color

  • National pride: Viktor&Rolf by Winde Rienstra . . . architecture meets fabrics to form

  • Journalistic: Constance Wibaut by Georgette Koning . . .

  • Magazine: Avenue Magazine by Sonny Groo & Marco van Rijt . . .

  • Designers: Fong Leng by MaryMe - Jimmy Paul . . .

  • Models: Linda Spierings by Marte van Haaster . . .

Date 19.06.2012

MOAM Amsterdam: Dutch fashion’s past seen by the referential future – Text by OG

Impromptu fashion wakes up within its creative obligations in the Netherlands with many summery exhibitions going around the low lands. This one, an ambitious project curated by Martijn Nekoui, concludes his graduation exam form the branding department at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). Under a local sea of intense commercial work on daily bases it’s hard to spot something special. The tallest flower in the garden, the MOAM, pops up delivering fragrances of respect for the good influential past over the last six decades, while being interoperated by the eager present. To distance mass commerciality from independent artworks is sometimes hard, but the MOAM presentation last Thursday proved we did count with relevant supplies coming from all fashion disciplines (as we do in our times). The gallery space and the show itself evaporated the invisible international style we often look for, which is sometimes hard to find. Congratulations MOAM for undressing Dutch fashion history. Here are some of the best references!

GALLERY FONTANA FORTUNA – until June the 30th

Keizersgracht 105

1015CH Amsterdam

Open Thu – Sat 2pm – 6pm