Date 31.12.2021

New Year wishes from the well-managed forests! – Text by OG

Nothing is more gratifying than cuddling up to a tree in these times.

‘In late May, we had a truly palliative experience visiting Pinetum de Belten in Vorden (NL) for the first time. Started in 1961, Pinetum de Belten is a private collection of different conifers originating from many countries. The word pinetum is derived from the Latin word pinus, meaning pine cone, and refers to a tree that bears these cones.

We enjoyed those wild evergreens during an afternoon walk and, since then, knew that cutting a holiday tree was no longer an option for us anymore. Instead, we decided to hug one, just one. We took the time to pick the perfect one: Calocedrus decurrens – with the common names incense cedar and California incense-cedar (its wood is the primary material for wooden pencils).

Imagine, hugging thousands of different species: hugs and huggies for them all!

Lustful were all those slightly moistened natural fragrances mixing uninterruptedly, blended together by the early Dutch spring winds. It created an oasis of warm tensions, peace and greenery, a pond, and so many birds. A visual composition that brings us to what we would like to advise you to search for before 2022 arrives: green-influencers. Rather than searching for an endorsement from a celebrity or a traditional ad! Get a kick, it’s worth visiting them!

– OG

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