• Vitium ‘Florian’ Scarf

  • Vitium ‘Cock Destroyers’ Scarf

  • Vitium ‘Pleasure Park’ Scarf

  • Vitium ‘Worship’ Scarf

Date 12.11.2021

Ninamounah X VITIUM: silk fetish scarfs for Tbilisi Pride

Fundraiser for Tbilisi Pride

Ninamounah and Matt Lambert are releasing a capsule of four silk fetish scarfs revolving around images of queer intimacy from Lambert’s archive. Celebrating sex-positivity as a means to raise funds in support of Tbilisi Pride the complete revenue of the project will be donated to the organization to be used to rebuild their headquarters after the violent attacks on 4th July this year. Remaining funds will be redistributed to local members of the queer community to help with housing and medical care.

 On Tbilisi Pride

Tbilisi Pride is a civic movement founded in 2019. The movement opposes homo/transphobia and
fights to overcome it through exercising the constitutional right of assembly and manifestation. The goal of the movement is to contribute forming the environment, where queer people are visible, protected, accepted, free and equal.
Tbilisi Pride mainly focuses on advocacy actions and carries out campaigns to empower community
and to raise the awareness of the wider public. In the past two years, pride movement has been actively working with political parties in Georgia. As the result, pro-LGBTQ+ political memorandum
was signed by 15 political party leaders on 17th May 2021 (international day against homophobia). In addition to that, Tbilisi Pride has started empowering parents of queer people and aims at strengthening their role in changing environment for the LGBTQ+ persons. Lastly, the flagship activity for the movement is an organization of pride week annually. Usually pride week consists of different events and varies from cultural to political activities. Pride week is an opportunity for the community to attract mainstream media attention and reach out to the entire population of Georgia.

– Ninamounah

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