Date 13.03.2015

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE’s trade union à Paris: OG talks to them about their neo-corporatism

The design “ménage à trois” that is SAUCE HOLLANDAISE operates with a common goal: protecting the creative integrity of their trade. Comprised of three ambitious designers from Amsterdam, SAUCE HOLLANDAISE’S progressive designs avoid the flat commercialism we see elsewhere, while also emphasizing the importance of self-renovation. They are colorfully obsessed with alternative dynamism – the resulting three raw fashion narratives are absolutely delightful!

Formed by SCHUELLER DE WAAL, MARYME-JIMMYPAUL and MAISON THE FAUX, their slogan “Sharing is Caring” expresses SAUCE HOLLANDAISE’S concise message. And it was this message that grabbed Paris for three days, leaving intrigue on press and buyers! The groundwork was laid last October with their first approach to Paris, now they have returned to capitalize on their earlier sojourn.

All parties have cleverly formed an international front. Instead of entering Paris as solo designers they have bound their vision together, achieving a stronger impact as a tripartite business. Each is to act as a creative partner, thus they will build economic sustainability through cooperation.

As with all cooperative arrangements, there is always the possibility of added complexities on the road to success. But as with everything that SAUCE HOLLANDAISE does, they will approach any disruptions in their own unique way.

They clearly have their own story to tell – so who better to ask about it than the designers themselves? Here are a few questions we asked them in Paris – enjoy!




 You are SAUCE HOLLANDAISE, one of the new creative collectives from Amsterdam. What was the main attraction for you all to agree to work together?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: Distinct visions, desire for recognition and the belief that individuals have to join forces in order to stand stronger in today’s difficult situation.


What sort of strength do you see in yourself as Dutch/Amsterdam based fashion designers? What is the strategy that needs to be followed in order to promote you work?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: All of our work is free spirited, all of us are based in Holland because we love being here and feel this country still has room for exploration and encourages fresh ideas. Nonetheless it is essential to work on a broader reach. This is something we all are striving for.


Are you aware of how the outside world sees you? Strong and playful kids, right?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: Playful is a good word! We also hope that the outside world feels we have a loud and clear voice, ready to be heard.


How did you get to know each other? How democratic can you be with three strong personalities working together?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: MaryMe-JimmyPaul and MAISON the Faux initiated a collective showroom during Paris Fashion Week and were on the lookout for a third party. SCHUELLER DE WAAL had just returned to the Netherlands and as studio neighbors of MMJP quickly clicked with both other brands and jumped on the train. Good communication is essential for bringing together differing strong opinions. From the beginning on we tried to be very open about every bodies individual needs and beliefs and do our best to work towards every brands satisfaction.


How important is teamwork for you? Is there a possibility you will add more fashion designers to your creative front?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: Teamwork allows for a more efficient way of working.  Our philosophy of ‘Caring is Sharing’ and the transparency amongst the brands supports all of us in establishing our individual visions. We are very happy with our current threesome but are always open for collaboration if we feel a click.


Paris Fashion Week has told its fall-winter 2015 story in the last week – where do you think fashion heading?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: It definitely is more about creating for a specific character and searching for a new approach. The system is ready to shift. Young designers have to be alert and constantly revisit the best way of functioning within it.


What makes designers so special apart from their work? We love new storytellers, right?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: Belief and Mentality makes a designer special. All of us are certain about a vision being recognized when it comes straight from the heart and has a razor sharp purity to it.


What is Fashion Avant-gardism for you?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: Hunting for the NEW! The SURPRISE EFFECT! Envisioning unconventional ways of building up a business.


How would you define the profile of SAUCE HOLLANDAISE? Is it hard for you to keep the right design direction in a world that is dominated by boring online commercialism?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: We all try to follow our core intuition of where we feel fashion is heading. One should not get distracted from all influences that flood us online; a designer should have a clear vision that is what is so great about the profession. We believe in staying true to ourselves, which probably also is the main reason all of us are fighting for our spot in this oversaturated market.


Does the Internet help the upcoming fashion designers – or should they remain distanced at the beginning?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: There simply is no way around it. One does need to watch out to make the right individual decisions and not drown. But well thought through the Internet can definitely enable upcoming designers to be put on the radar.


What is the difference between clothes we see in ordinary stores compared to what one can see in your showroom?

SAUCE HOLLANDAISE: All of us strongly believe in unconventional use and combination of material, color and silhouette. We want to surprise the spectator. All brands translate their vision in products without compromise. We rather want to convince clients with passionate, well thought through and crafted collections rather then following what’s hip and happening.