Date 09.05.2014

Talismanic PARTS OF FOUR, with its magical & sacramental properties

Artist’s working space end intriguing final consumers, nevertheless, a form of fascination they want to keep hidden and gloomy as alive. A sort of distance and attraction, towards the sexiest product’s feature: respect to unique design. When I head Paris, it does not strictly mean I will enter via Place Vendôme searching for the latest breeze on accessories or jewelers. Even when ignoring those interiors dominated by carpeted walls, and frumpy wood tones; it will be hard to find modernism on artifacts transcending those classic clichés. Therefore, I follow my professional instinct, assuring I could also get lost through Paris most medieval; it will be entering more of the dark alleys. And here I go!

And there he is, Evan Sugerman, jetlagged and seating on a cardboard chair telling what a conquest was to find meters away, this contemporary design object that actually you can recycle: – it’s a very comfy chair; he added. Operating from the metalworking island of Bali, Parts of Four (P/4) feels more than at home in Parisian’s quartier Le Marais. Being close acquaintance and comrades with high-end fashion designers, Sugerman keeps greeting international colleagues-pedestrians passing by while not loosing the product description he his telling me. A charming storyteller, who mixes in his paragraphs materials as leopard tooth, spikes, acid silver, zircon, woods, minerals, bonds, organic materials, etc.

His footprints in fashion arenas are multiples and well know, first with his luxury jewelry line P/4, at the same time supplying metal trimmings to French houses; though we will endlessly credit him on his earlier project Ernte Fashion Systems (2003-2008). That was when he brought into Paris army jackets gone under customizing. It was art on rough gabardines (parkas) and leathers (bikers). Ornamentation with exclusive studs was born, far ahead of time, and way before any Maison started digging into the rock’s hardware.

The petit showroom feels like his home atelier, I believe so. I sense a car garage mood on the air, but pretty addictive. All packaging and samples are just landed, smelling raw materials. Impressively artistic, Parts of Four hand-carved pieces – super light actually, are beauty to understand. Beauty beyond beauty beautifully sculpted. The main focuses of these pieces are found in the craving, hours of work fusing and treating under mechanics and electric methods. There’s an installation on the showroom that gives and excellent vibe, a time machine. And apiece of quartz, turning on a metal pedestal; what I feel like madness on science.