• Devoted to her, Diane’s iconic glasses dominate the window

  • LIPSTICK Shopping Dior by Philippe Pourhashemi (Brussels- BE) The one thing that separates an icon from the rest of the fashion herd is her signature style. In Diane Pernet’s case, it’s her soft pale skin, black sunglasses and dangerously red lips. I once hunted Bingo in Asia, her favorite Dior shade. I tried my best, but came back defeated. These are necessities women of her stature can easily relate to.

  • DIANE’S INCREDIBLE CREATURES Mario Salvucci (Foligno - IT) Italian designer Mario Salvucci met Diane more than two decades ago in New York when she discovered his jewelry and used it for her collection. That was a beginning of a long collaboration and friendship between them. Last year when Salvucci started making jewelry again, she was the inspiration for his first piece. The Vedova Nera, a big black spider. Spiders always fascinated him, they have the power to attract some people and scare others and this is what visionary people like Diane experience every day. From an arachnid point of view, we could define 2011 a pretty busy year. The last intercontinental circular route done by these two black widows was: 30-11-10: PARIS - ATLANTA - MIAMI (Art Basel Miami Beach) 03-12-10: MIAMI - LOS ANGELES - TOKYO (Prada Tokyo event) 08-12-10: TOKYO - PARIS (Diane’s Home) Hand made 100% recycled Sterling Silver; the spiders join Mrs.Pernet into all fashion obligations.

  • DIANE’S SARTORIAL SHADES Sandro Gonnella (Perugia - IT) According to Sandro Gonnella, the Italian optician behind the ‘Diane’ frame, it is man- ufactured design is intended to protect the face with the ends becoming a sort of shield. In his opinion, this is a feature that will define who wears the glasses. They are custom made for Mrs.Diane Pernet, and exhibit her reserved style and her attention for fine detail. The frame is produced in black acetate with smoked lenses and black arms. Since 2006, Sandro Gonnella has sculpted frames as art at his charming laboratory. Clients are involved in the process by testing the samples during the manufacturing period. Gonnella takes responsibility in minuscule changes within Pernet’s identity, stepping into new eyeglasses might sound an easy operation for most consumers. But we could already say this was a delicate one.

  • THE “DIANE” TROPHY Miguel Villalobos (NYC - USA) Trophy made out of resin. 11” tall x 6” diameter. A Shaded View on Fashion Film Barcelona, 2012.

Date 21.01.2012

THE OUTPOST Barcelona presents: artefactes d’una musa

With great pleasure, I introduce to you my window installation project in Barcelona: artefactes d’una musa! The most contemporary high-end merchandiser in men shoes and accessories THE OUTPOST is proudly exhibiting several of Diane’s personal ornaments. In collaboration with ASVOFF Barcelona 2012, the store takes responsibility on expanding the film festival to clients and enchanted pedestrians.

Displayed prior to the festivals arrival the installation has activated interest, sparked local creativity, and has given attention to those independent talents. It also revitalizes the idea of respect for those young minds with competitive desire willing to move into global markets. The making of it did not only include black calculations as Diane does on daily bases, instead building hand made posters, painting and unforgettable moments filled with collective joy in collaboration with Ulises Chamorro. From next week Tuesday, Barcelona hosts Diane’s film festival for four days. In between your favorite scheduled films, escape up-town and enjoy the sensational space! Welcome to Barcelona Diane and ASVOFF Barcelona 2012!

This creative cooperative is a project between: A Shaded View on Fashion Film Barcelona 2012, The Outpost & Marcelo Horacio Maquieira(NL).

Special thanks to: Diane Pernet, Pep Esteva, Alex Murray Leslie, Ulises Chamorro, Harry Overvelde and The Outpost friendly team!