Date 29.11.2013

2013, AZZEDINE’S Epic Year

While overheated mega structures in fashion struggle attempting to reach massive scales in the market, sculptor Azzedine Alaïa remains enviously uncatchable with his working procedures. This year has been notoriously fruitful for the man behind timeless design, recognized worldwide by women for his integrity and unique hands when wrapping their bodies. Superstitiously, you might think 2013 was the year to stand quiet (considering the fear of the number 13 and avoidance to use it) however Azzedine enjoyed the family he has built around him in the last thirty years, super models, designers (close to dear Mrs.Rei and Mr.Yohji), artists and creative creatures in general. 2013 was a spectacular year for the Monsieur!

His first ever solo retrospective exhibition at the recently refurbished Palais Galliera in Paris (FR) will be running until January 26th 2014, proving perfection in design has always been there through a parade of beauty. Throughout his career he has maintained a level of modesty in his master. This was evidenced in a conversation I had with the distinguished owner of an art gallery in Saint Petersburg (RU). She talked about him in a knowing way, as though they had always been accomplices:

-“Accidentally, I have been collecting his pieces for more than twenty years. Suddenly, their presence in my wardrobe got to strongly compete with design chairs we own, paintings, and even my husband’s classic watches. I realized I have a relationship with them as well. You end up falling in love, the same way you do with art. And the same is happening to my daughter, who sees his ergonomics in clothes as contemporaries. Imagine she just turned eighteen.”

Azzedine Alaïa (Tunisia, 1939) dresses mothers, daughters and all those females searching for the right womanizer. Simply and cleverly executed, his prêt-à-porter line has flowed with garments since the beginning right up until the present. From an engineer of techniques, these established pieces are a long-term investment – sometimes even decorated by metal zippers! Make no mistake; there is more than enough fetishism around those sexy waists – beyond sensual!