Date 08.04.2015

A.F.VANDEVORST FW2015: from the central Andes, into a monochrome travel diary

As one of the most loyal signatures from Belgium, the strength behind A.F.VANDEVORST’s fingerprint remains remarkably solid. The design duo expanded last year with the opening of their first flagship store in Antwerp while also revamping the obscure discourse Belgium fashion has always been attached to. A.F.VANDEVORST’s fall-winter 2015 represents the free mind that dreams of adventuring and watching what’s behind mountains – in this case the Peruvian Andes – and include the mandatory survival kit (knee length boots, metal eyelets, cords, wild fringes, ombré Tibetan lambskin, hoods, etc.).

Conceived with strong winter winds blowing from behind the neck (An Vandevorst & Filip Arickx love collar treatments) there are also clean lines treated with a level of purity. So pure, that the models were hiding their lips behind black surgical masks! Up to you to imagine if those lips were painted with rouge, but we feel it’s unnecessary when heading for altitudes above five thousands meters!

With such a long winter behind, A.F.VANDEVORST’s FW2015 delivers a versatile season, able to satisfy the dress-up-women in languid tailoring, or those who prefer the outdoors and search for sturdiness of materials and construction. Stephen Jones’ draped bonnets brought a haunting touch to the story, and perfectly matched the lyrics of “White Light White Heat” by the Velvet Underground. Combined with the performance by Joris Van de Moortel, a compatriot artist recruited by the designers, the Belgium embassy in Paris soared higher than condors fly. What an afternoon!