• Garden of Han Sang Soo Embroidery Museum . . .

  • Hypnotized by a portion of sea embroidered on a folding screen, I had to get closer to see stitches . . .

  • Domestic activities within the museum, traditional ironing (above) called Dadeumi and drying cabbage (Shiraegi) . . .

Date 03.11.2011

A moment of perfection in Seoul: HAN SANG SOO EMBROIDERY MUSEUM – Photos by OG

Tranquility was my first sensation when entering this heritage patio in Seoul’s Buckchon Hanok Village, the same sensation necessary to accomplish such meticulous work as hand embroidering. When walking into the Museum-Hanok (Korean traditional house), you feel surrounded by beautiful work but not in the usual context of a museum, it holds a domestic ambiance. Today artisans are working there, preserving the old Korean tradition, embroidery.

To define the short tour through the installations, there is a permanent exhibition area and an atelier where hands are working weekly, leaving a strong impact on how Korean’s have manually ornamented through history. The institution has not only recuperated an almost forgotten technique, it also shows its application on items for the royal court, official uniforms, local costumes, accessories, folding screens, fans, weddings, frames, religious items and more. A bit confronting my perfect stopover during Seoul Fashion Week SS2012, where it’s hard to spot this high-quality trimming, if not almost invisible on current garments.

Han Sang Soo Embroidery Museum

11-32 Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul