Date 27.02.2010

ADAM KIMMEL’s men players for FW2010 – Photos by OG

Last January menswear designer Adam Kimmel shared his FW2010 proposals generating more and more hints of his non-stop evolution. Since his early collections, Kimmel has found artistic-teaming interesting to develop his look books. The designer is able to create a product where his vision gets documented in a unique way: photos full of originality and far from the industrial parasite called trend.

He did collaborate this time with New York based artist George Condo (New Hampshire, 1957); his admiration got the artist to translate his paintings into 3D. I guess enjoying the whole production journey together, one of Kimmel’s specialties.

Condo’s vagabond experiences in Monte Carlo casinos, Ritz’s clubs and Big Apple gambling venues gave the collection a unique spirit for next winter. Quality to be exposed and enjoyed in a collective way but also unpretentious looks, an invitation for pleasure. Stories of entertainment based on the games of chance.

The paintings (Superman, Jean-Louis, etc, etc) did evaporate the inspiration needed to draw those characters (The Barber’s Cousin, Nukette,etc,etc) full of  style, including Condo’s universe at the same time. At the end the most stylish wardrobe ever designed for the ultimate gambling man.

My favorites, a crap printed cape named Holster in case of picnic playing and a silk-cotton accessory: THE SLOT MACHINE SCARF (in case of leaving the casino in the early morning and wanting to be incognito). Parisian Gallery Ivone Lambert turned into a noisy casino “saloon”, the model’s heads were created by Gabe Bartalos while mixing them with Kimmel’s garments became the most contemporary Condo’s arty-fashy moment ever. Playing craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker, and we were all included in the ambiance. We were all gambling in the dark, though we all had our comps: drinks. The guests could find people to talk to, drink with, and often gamble with.

Kimmel seems to have enjoyed the making of his FW2010; eventually performing he has the advantage over the players.