Date 18.09.2010

Argentinians for export: PAULA SELBY AVELLANEDA

Paula Selby Avellaneda had her own territory during the 29th edition of Amsterdam’s Modefabriek(25 & 26July 2010). Already at 10AM on Sunday, her few square meters were surrounded by visitors and the music joined the festivity her collection demanded. Oversized jackets, dresses trimmed with holes, chaos but the right balance between shapes, fabrics and bright tones. Let’s name it fragile and colorful, but under the right strong hands: Paula’s herself. Born in Brazil (Barra de São João) and moving to Buenos Aires at the age of eleven, she was already a fashion student during childhood. Her mother had a design atelier at their Brazilian home where Paula used to play in carton boxes filled with fabrics imported from Bali. The business was running good enough after the Tropicália period, that the family could run a store (Ropa y Arte) in South America’s most prestigious resort: Punta del Este (Uruguay).

Presented in the Cutting Edge hall from the Modefabriek, Paula charmed more than one with the shooting of her look-book early this year in Buenos Aires. Dear female friends joined the photo session planned for sunrise in the city garden: Rosedal the Palermo. The most romantic scenario the city offers including El Jardín de los Poetas(Garden of Poets), Patio Andaluz (Andalucian Patio) and La Rosaleda(Rose garden) with its 12.000 rose varieties. Bunch of multidisciplinary girls, sharing their talents and supporting their own dreams. As Paula said: – No one of them was happy about working so early in the morning, but they all helped. With a big obstacle, the shooting was done with expired photo films in order to let the quality deform the general aesthetics. Chicas locas! Those kind of girls, porteñas(native from Buenos Aires) whenever the parents on holidays, the perfect moment to squat mom’s wardrobe and go out for fun. Never forgetting to pretend while giving life to somebody else’s garments.   

So much memories, passion & dedication reflected under Paulas’s handwriting graduated this year from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Barra de São João(BR), Buenos Aires(AR), Punta del Este(UY) and Antwerp(BE). I asked Paula about short future plans. Smiles and more smiles, maybe London she added. And in a secure tone: – I would love to dress some musicians. Making show pieces and stage outfits for performances.