Date 16.02.2012

GENERAL IDEA FW2012: Bumsuk Choi’s after games

Aren’t you ready for a shearling body warmer? I am. With its flawless fit and the garment expressing quality through finishing’s such as leather tape, I’ll definitely wait and upgrade any coming winter look with such a garment; as we still have to go through a long and uncertain summer. South Korean Bumsuk Choi’s GENERAL IDEA once again calls for disciplinary males who undoubtedly leave the city for outdoor sports. Call them convertible aficionados who can afford elegance no matter their situation with the right balance between comfort and self-representation.

The 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble (FR) inspired the designer, not only reviving competition within its participants; it also brings an athletic gesture we can certainly enjoy when back in town. Quilted fabrics, kneepad details and fur collars, all design detail solutions for low temperatures as the designer stamps for the coming season – winter it’s not only about a heavy coat; it also has to do with the use of technical fabrics. As for appropriate winter soles, footwear should be designed guaranteeing protection as his collaboration with Head does. GENERAL IDEA’s accessories remind me of a metro experience last year in Seoul when a young male opened his handbag next to me. Inevitable peeking, I saw an incredible interior where everything fit in defined compartments. That’s Choi’s ideal winter too!