• Schepers Bosman SS2020 - Artist’s Long Dress - Multicolor Patchwork

  • Schepers Bosman SS2020 - Patchwork Jacket - Beige Green

Date 13.02.2020

Glass artist Victoria Bone wears Amsterdam’s designs everyday – Text by OG

After four days of acclimating to Buenos Aires’ intense November’s heat, I headed to Victoria Bone’s studio to hear all about her fifteen years of creating glass tableware for small restaurants. It was what I consider to be the perfect lunch: a date with a creative friend.

Bone, a natural photo model from Uruguay, decided to relocate to one of South America’s most radiating cities following a stint in Europe in the early 00’s that catapulted her into a career in the arts.

A short tour through her sunny, three-story house revealed not only her jet-lagged husband resting after a week of surfing in Peru, but an overall air of domestic holiday bliss. I felt the jealousy boiling inside me as she toured me up a staircase from the basement to the top terrace. The stairs, lined with plants burnt from the ferocious, direct sunlight, dance up and down. I can still feel them, momentarily creating shadows that protected me from those sharp rays. Victoria says:

“I am perfectly living where I am. My studio is at home, and it’s there where I spend all day creating and playing. As you remember, it all started when I decided to visit Amsterdam for the 2002 Contemporary Art in Glass exhibition. Those days were crucial for me; there was a unique freedom around Amsterdam I just wanted to romance with. I imported it, it’s still living with me as a memory, but its impact is timeless.”

Since then, vitro fusion glass has been her bridge to all other art forms. She conducts conversations about colors, shapes and has pleasant relations with her clients who request decorative and utilitarian orders:

“Nothing is more important than having a good relationship with your clients, they are also my loyal shareholders. Being an artist is not enough when it comes to business. Within your creating process, the chance your confidence grows into the wrong direction is big. You need to listen to them and negotiate, and you know whose wise words taught me this before? Dutch businesswoman Neelie Kroes, when she gave the most powerful speech at the opening of the glass show in Amsterdam. We were there together, amen.”

Victoria Bone wears Schepers Bosman SS2020 for our lunch date, and is for more than two decades, a serious follower of Amsterdam-made design.