• Het Exotische Kut van Violetta by Darwin Winklaar (NIÑO DIVINO)

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  • Theyfriend Pillow by laura fernández antolín

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  • louise - javier by Louise Gjessø & Javier Velasquez

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  • Jetlegged by Irene Loc Uyen Le Ha (Baby Reni)

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  • Deity Naturing by Idan Grady

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Date 26.08.2020

GRA Bachelor Fashion Show 2020 – Preface by Niels Klavers & Mo Veld

“As Fashion department within the context of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, we attract students from around the globe, who claim the space between ‘body related work’ and what is traditionally understood as ‘fashion’, to critically explore it for their individual expression, be it as artist or designer, or any form of practice in between.

We have seen an increase in students who struggled with the expectations raised by the end of year presentation form of the ‘Fashion Show’, as it requires an actual collection of wearables, showable on real live models, pacing up and down a runway in an attempt to perform a vision, et cetera..

This stage, like an imaginary highstreet, where the audience only has to sit back, ranked from front row – right on the kerb – down to back alley standing places, to en- joy a racy event and judge what is shown by standards often far from those of our students… this stage, however popular, had to be revised sooner or later, to serve all our students’ work, and also to intensify our positioning towards the work field. A runway show, after all, serves a status quo that our students tend to question, refuse or even seek to revolutionize.

Darwin Winklaar

Laura Fernández Antolín

Louise Gjessø & Javier Velasquez

Irene Ha

Idan Grady

To reimagine our ways and with the clear objective to draw attention to the diversity and full scope of our students’ work, we had just embarked on a collaboration with curator and writer Jules van den Langenberg, when the totally unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 virus forced us to part entirely with the idea of a big end of year event.

The alternative Fashion Show, which will take place during the postponed Rietveld Graduation Show as planned on August 26-30, results from an accelerated process during this particularly challenging time of lockdown and remote schooling. To graduate under such unprecedented circumstances deserves an audience equally willing to explore new ways.

We hope to welcome you to a different type of street, where our 2020 graduates invite you into their individual universes, into their futures. Less racy, more intimate – even with the necessary 1,5 meters distance – and hopefully even more rewarding.”


Niels Klavers

Mo Veld

Head of Fashion Department, about the 2020’s graduates and their challenging journey.