• METABOLIC by IRIS VAN HERPEN at The Bergkerk Church in Deventer (NL) - Photo: © Isabelle Renate la Poutré

  • IRIS VAN HEREPEN by Morgan O'Donovan, The Book

Date 18.11.2016

Iris van Herpen wins the WITTEVEEN+BOS Art+Technology Award 2016

On Thursday November 3rd in the city of Deventer, NL, fashion designer Iris van Herpen was honored with the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award. During the award ceremony, she was also presented with a new book about her work. The book is part of the prize and is a moment of reflection on Van Herpen’s work by photographer Morgan O’Donovan. Pleased, Van Herpen says in response that O’Donovan “zooms in on the details, entering the material on what seems to be a microscopic level. His photos are so beautiful, it makes you feel like being able to actually touch the material.”

Van Herpen’s designs have garnered international praise in the fashion industry and are characterized by a unique combination of futuristic and organic shapes that envelop the human body like wearable sculptures.

For many years Van Herpen has worked on the development of experimental materials through interdisciplinary collaboration with a network of leading experts. This innovative pursuit occurs at the emerging interface between biology and technology has already yielded promising results. Hence why the jury of the Art+Technology award deemed it time to acknowledge Van Herpen’s artistic force.

In addition to the book, a cash prize, and a certificate, the winner of the prize is also expected to hold on exhibition, which will take place in the Bergkerk Church in Deventer (NL) until December 4, 2016. This features eleven haute couture pieces, a video presentation and several extravagant shoes all designed by Van Herpen. The book will be available at the Bergkerk Church during the exhibition period, and from December 5th on the website