Date 06.03.2015

JUAN HERNANDEZ DAELS FW2015: tailoring for the uncatchable women

Having been injected by the Belgium school The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp MA pupil Juan Hernandez Daels (JHD) returned to his birth place Buenos Aires two years ago. Since then, women form both sides of the Atlantic and beyond are delicately construed by the vision of this man who lives surrounded by sexy females. No matter if it’s winter or summer, the exposure is what keeps JHD attracted to wining that flirt battle with her.

Never challenge the body, as it’s just as free as a gazelle is and they often behave on those latitudes – you might loose. Something dictatorial evaporates from his handwriting, all wildly reflected in that “elegant and quick nature” seen through naked shoulders, backs and necks. Paris teaches us now on how clothes shouldn’t cover the entire body.

His garments are all made in Belgium, though his inmate lives and works around the globe and therefore so does he, Hernandez Daels feeds women on his own fetish – fabrics. Wools, cashmeres, silk and organza, all choices bring his product to be timeless and forever yours. The daredevil lines in his work make him a true adventurer and nautical fabrics are used creating an imaginary wind coming form the sea.

A heavy oversized coat might be missing, but it’s irrelevant in this collection. In the end you will always have to put the truth on the table. And here, we go bombastic and deep into what lies underneath as it holds an intriguing beauty.


BARLOVENTO FW2015 by Juan Hernandez Daels

SHOWROOM Florence DESCHAMPS – Until 15/03/2015

2, Rue Gabriel Vicaire

75003 Paris (FR)