• MINKY JAEMIN HA After studying art at Hong-Ik University in Seoul, Minky Jaemin Ha completed his BA in Fashion Design in Womenswear at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (CSM) in 2011. Minky’s highly sculptural work can almost be seen as a frame for the body. His latest collection ‘What men live by’ is a symbolic and metaphorical statement – each outfit shown symbolizes a certain stage of one’s life in capitalism. Born, Adapted, Addicted, Dead, Reborn and Sacrifice.

  • JUHEE HAN Juhee Han recently graduated with a BA in Fashion Design with Knitwear from CSM in 2011. She is currently working for Nicole Farhi and has previously worked as a studio assistant at BLESS, amongst others. Juhee’s collections can be defined as being an explosion of color and unexpected fabric and texture combinations. Her work consists of mainly knitwear and other handicrafts such as crochet and macramé.

  • ARA JO Since graduating with a BA in Fashion Design Womenswear from CSM in 2009, Ara has been working for her own label – ‘Ara Jo’ – and also works as a freelance fashion designer, collaborating with Lady Gaga and many other artists. In 2011 she exhibited in ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion at Benaki Museum in Athens. One of Ara’s obsessions involve mysterious creatures, hence she incorporates many of these beautiful objects as muses for her collection.

  • MINJU KIM After studying at Samsung Art and Design Institute, Minju Kim is currently in her third year at the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp. Her second year collection ’Love Power’ explored the theme of Korean girls and their ‘cute and scary’ transformations into ‘love robots’; following their obsession with becoming the ‘perfect girlfriend’. Minju works with pure and concentrated forms of ideas. Her work can be seen as a reconstruction of the constituted ideal of beauty and non-beauty, on a visual and philosophical level.

  • YEASHIN KIM Yeashin Kim graduated from London College of Fashion (LCF) with a BA in Fashion Design Technology in 2011. She won the Most Creative Student Collection award at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards and was also selected as one of the best fashion graduates of 2011 by Vogue UK. Yeashin Kim’s colorful collection incorporates a lot of wool embroidery and crafted details, as she mixes different materials in unexpected ways.

  • YOOLHEE KO Yoolhee Ko initially began her studies in Fashion Design and completed her BA and MA in Jewelry Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp, in 2009. Yoolhee currently runs her own jewelry brand and simultaneously trains at a Jewelry atelier to enhance her skills with diamonds. Yoolhee Ko not only uses both natural and modern materials and techniques for her sculptural work, she also incorporates experimental imagery for her men’s jewelry collections.

  • KATLEEN KYE Since completing her MA in Fashion Design Menswear at CSM 2011, Kathleen Hanhee Kye has received enormous press coverage both in Korea and internationally. After completing her BA in Menswear at CSM in 2009, Kathleen had her first solo exhibition and was a finalist for I-D Dunedin Fashion Award. Instead of using conventional patterns, Kathleen’s design ethos is to represent new fun-loving witty unisex shapes.

  • UNBOUNDED AWE BY LAYKUNI Lay Ku completed her BA in Menswear at CSM, MA in Menswear at LCF in 2009. Lay’s own label, ‘unbounded AWE’ which was founded in 2009, exemplifies surrealistic images. The label AWE was formed to represent the unbounded imaginative communication between the subject ‘A’ and the public ‘WE’. Lay works very conceptually with her designs and as much as the clothes, the surrounding space is used as a canvas.

Date 05.02.2012

London: A NEW SPACE AROUND THE BODY – Photos by Chad Burton

Emerging Korean Fashion Designers, an exhibition that explores the new generation of South Korean designers, whose works are characterized by humor, hypothetic worlds and highly sculptural creations, almost appearing as a frame for the body.  With an explosion of color, modern techniques, craft and unexpected fabric combinations, their work can be seen as a reconstruction of the constituted ideal of beauty and non beauty, both on a visual, intellectual and philosophical level.

Exhibiting are: Minky Jaemin Ha, Juhee Han, Ara Jo, Minju Kim, Yeashin Kim, Yoolhee Ko, Katleen Kye and Unbounded AWE by Laykuni. All are graduates from the prestigious fashion departments at Royal Academy of Fine Art, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp, Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. In a short space of time these designers have already had high profile collaborations such as Lady Gaga and featured in Vogue, ELLE, Dazed and Confused, ID magazine.

Curated by Ji Hye Hong and Sofia Hedman (independent fashion curator) this exhibition is also part of the inaugural International Fashion Showcase, developed by the British Council and British Fashion Council. The International Fashion Showcase coincides with London’s Fashion Week and sees fashion designers from across the globe exhibiting their works throughout London. The Korean Cultural Centre UK (1-3 Strand) is proud to be a part of this Showcase, utilizing its central London location just a stone’s throw from the home of London Fashion Week at Somerset House.


February 01st – 28th 2012