• Packed bookshelves, and the Korean painter Woo Kukwon sharing his nightmares

  • Neatness is all around the studio while Hiroto Kitagawa’s cute sculpture poses on the designer’s desk

Date 20.11.2011

Meet Seoulite Kuho Jung, HEXA BY KUHO’s creative motor

After a delicious coffee in Seoul’s Singsa-dong, I took the elevator to the 8th floor of Horim Art Center. Amid the views on a sunny Sunday, the studio’s modernity overwhelms me into satisfaction. With the kindest manners, Mr.Kuho Jung welcomes me for a chat on his work what he baptizes as global fashion. After graduating from New York’s Parsons, he entered serious local compromises with his famous second label KUHO. Two years ago Jung launched Hexa by Kuho, his SS2012 collection presented last September in NYC and successfully sold during last Paris Fashion Week.

After a delightful ping-pong evaluation on the textile industry, our conversation gets lost in the world of art. Jung reiterated that he couldn’t draw, select fabrics or create a collection without feeding himself with influences from other creative disciplines. His social circle includes all kind of talents and his working space emanates a gallery breeze. Painting, books, and a languid Japanese sculpture on his desk. A high-speed technology lover with interests in all visual entertainment, but also recognition into inspiring slopes, including his dear city: Seoul. “Each neighborhood is a different city in here . . .” says Kuho and I agree. However, Paris is sending him some smoke signs.