Date 04.11.2013

Mr.Ahmed Abdelrahman is THAMANYAH

Initially, it was menswear that guided the refined hands of Mr.Ahmed Abdelrahman into an arid and innovative designing table. His successful and rapid retail ascends, provoking his brand THAMANYAH to create an extra pilot mini collection for women SS2013 called ‘Men for Women’. Since then, THAMANYAH is fashion’s unquestionable new riot.

The impact was notorious for both genders, though there’s little difference in-between the garments. His silhouettes have been under radars of desire since his first FW2012 season. It’s the perfect generated symptom in times where fashion seems to be easily satisfied with its own existence and the reiterative tricks on infinite runways are at the point of loosing their own personality. The story here is different – it’s a niche.

THAMANYAH represents solvency in design, for both perfect and imperfect futures. Three seasons on, he has not only proved to compromise long term with clients and admirers by waking up the lost-zombie consumer (though not frivolous), who was searching for innovation within simple formulas, but has also carefully inserted knitwear and accessories into his collections, enlarging our appetite. He has a recognizable quality.

The Dubai-born, Paris-based designer fights for tomorrow, feeding the unsympathetic ones towards massive distribution and the unfair appropriation of style by those lacking respect for quality, cuts and unique design.

THAMANYAH: sometimes violent other times severe, extremely cultural, there’s no runway and no campaign adds, no flagship store yet and limited sexual dimorphism in the product. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most desirable black products in the finest stores worldwide.