Date 25.10.2012

MVIO SS2013: a man wearing a simil-cape blazer could hide a cowboy’s soul underneath

Perfection addicted Han Sanghyuk (MVIO’s Creative Director), will one day hit the European runways sharing his promising story about disciplined men. Strategically operating since 2008 from Seoul (South Korea), MVIO has become a symbol for young consumer’s projecting their ambitions on hypothetical relationships dominated by isolation and tailoring. And when elevated or multiplied in itself, the result is beyond perfection: Perfect Tuxedo, Perfect Color, and Perfect Desire until fabricating the PERFECT MAN. It’s his latest spring-summer 2013 proposal and second digital collection on a lonely man, where Sanghyuk’s treats the entire look with haughtiness. But details have brought him to become the ‘perfect’ miniaturist. Since his early work the designer has shared his fetishism on trimmings, sometimes accidentally invisible, others intentionally notorious for the curious intellectual man.

“or revolvers in case matters still unsolved”

Nowadays, young Korean designers are sharing what characterizes them the most, their own taste. But here we encounter the direct influence of Han Sanghyuk’s mentor who taught him to strive for perfection. His mentor passed away in the summer of 2012, he says: -“ I wanted to talk about my mentor, who was so perfect on surfaces yet possessed deep sorrow and pain that nobody knew.” MVIO’s Institute of Arts & Science is available in China, Hong Kong, New York, LA, London and Korea.