• Tropical Rain jacket . . . lac leather with lilac lining. Layers of fringes become Paula’s waterfall

  • Alice jacket . . . a holographic print on cow leather with lilac lining. Fringed wings

  • Rainbow . . . deep purple cow leather, fringes drop from the center front and whip to the sides when you walk. They do

  • Jessica . . . made out of scratchy grey cow leather with a worn treatment. Fringes on the side for shaking your hips!

Date 09.03.2012

Paris FW2012: HOUSE OF MATCHING COLOURS is Paula Selby Avellaneda

The finest leathers and wools are a global synonymous of Argentina’s quality, but sourcing materials to export are all about the fashion visionaries behind. I met Paula Selby Avellaneda sometime ago in Amsterdam, since then all her postgraduate (Antwerp Fashion Department 2009) choices keep us tracking her. Motivated by improving her native fashion’s identity, she is now partaking in a group movement that will conclude when the new national Argentinean front prove their worldwide understanding on contemporary fashion.

Recently during Paris fashion week, Paula joined RA’s showroom with her House of Matching Colours – leather jackets for musicians (The National, Peaches, CSS, Saint Saviour, Jennifer Herrema, Patrick Wolf, Yelle). In last year’s collaboration with Opening Ceremony, leather jackets were once again the retail heroes. She mentions, “-designing and producing with excellent materials is an adventurous road!”

Future plans? A black leather flag on Parisian fashion territory is the one primarily conquest, but first, Hyeres 2012. Good luck Paula!