Date 26.01.2018

Push us. And then just touch us: NINAMOUNAH FW2018 – Text by OG

Directly derived from The Emerging Dutch from this large Fall 2018 – Post Spring 2018 Couture Season is NINAMOUNAH’s Ninamounah Langestraat. Without giving one thought to sexual dimorphism, Ninamounah manifests, instead, on pleasure’s behalf.

With both menswear and couture’s marathons behind, Paris has entered a peaceful state of fashion until women’s runways return at the end of February. But it was London’s White Rabbit Studio who was chosen by 2017’s Amsterdam Rietveld Academie graduating year to bring her first collection. Models and crew Insta-danced together while connecting their bodies and souls (and all parts in between!), emphasizing their natural fervor– seduction.

The setting could have been in an abandoned butchers barbeque in the rural countryside. Dry and arid, all animal bodies on the grill, marinated in the physical tension generated by those restrictive and intervening school uniforms. It certainly turned into hot stuff: kabang shebang from Amsterdam!

Ninamounah trained herself early on as an intern at A.F. Vandevorst in Antwerp, there’s a similar darkness accompanying both, right? Her recreational drug is to keep painting and moisturizing those bodies while balancing, while lips go sticky under mohair’s most sensual hair. The use of colors (my own favorite a green velvet) helped to draw attention to the workmanship. A knitted mustard yellow vest combined with a balaclava worn by the gorgeous Amsterdam based stylist made the sweat drip all the more. Models engaged freely with each other in open and unrestrained styling activity and group fun, making it one major fashion party.

Emerging designers migrate from fashion week to fashion week, from Amsterdam out to the world, symbolizing the disappearing borders of creativity, blurring them and searching for the unknown and unexpected. But NINAMOUNAH’s London debut actually just brought her closer to fulfilling her post-graduation dream of running her own farm for children and the animal kingdom within the city borders.