Date 25.01.2019

SCHUELLER DE WAAL’s rough life at the office-side sales now online – Text by OG

Last Monday, the most depressing day of the year, SCHUELLER DE WAAL launched their e-store in an office cubicle. Blue Monday was the start of a new e-commerce journey for the Amsterdam based designers Rens and Philipp, scheduled to drop the whole year round. Time to buy some convertible shirts!

SDW: Do you recognize the overwhelming feeling of life hitting you smack in the face after every relaxing Sunday well spent?

We are all familiar with that feeling of coming down after the weekend at those early meetings on the first workday of the week. The regular 9am briefings are exhausting and suck but also require a high professional type of achievement in the form of sparkling office looks. These are now all supplied by SCHUELLER DE WAAL.

SDW’s design duo proposes a rather evident elegance for those emergency situations– how to fake efficiency and interest while daydreaming during meetings. Timid details on the shirting allows women to now hypnotize colleagues by balancing ruffled cuffs above their desks, even if they annoyingly keep opening sideboard cabinets and messing noisily with trolleys and roll containers– oh gosh, that’s just Blue Monday!

One can expect a paper plane to pass by the reception desk with a banner that says, “Cheat, Lois, Cheat” by which we mean pretend to type, like the journalist, Lois, in Superman. The capsule itself has also gone rogue this time, presenting a dropped shoulder for men– “as XL as it gets” – playing a diverse range of fits in various shirt fabrics.

Around 5pm, translating depression into a beautiful color works perfectly, and the girls can all happily go home. After all, everyone knows that the bar cabinets are strictly closed (if not locked) Monday through Thursday!