Date 21.01.2018

Sunday’s Street Fabulous: SCHEPERS BOSMAN FW2018

Sunday morning in Paris finds us at the end of a week in which the traditional tailoring disappeared from the runway, radically abandoned by new ones. Dodging raindrops, we miraculously and exclusively met the Dutch duo Schepers Bosman showing off their Fall 2018 menswear in the streets. We were invited to discover what is hidden within the garments and the ideas behind them. Having created an elaborate wardrobe we are desperate to wear they’ve achieved fashion’s one and only goal for the coming season.

With fabrics imported from Northern England (lightweight denims, cotton corduroys, checkered techno nylon and double stretch fleece) the major challenge was to patchwork the Amsterdam School and flower painting from the Golden Age and transform it into daily wear. Exercising tremendous skills in machinery, the idea is to manufacture ideas from Amsterdam to be exported, garments that are desired and destined for someone whose itinerary is mostly unpredictable.

Winners of Les Etoiles Mercedes-Benz 2017 Design Competition, Schepers Bosman wanted to bring home the trophy to their home country of the Netherlands by winning the most prestigious award in European competitions today. Its tough jury goes deep down to the Paris couture core we rarely meet and deep into Paris itself. With the door now open and linked to official networks, Schepers Bosman’s creative duo Sanne and Anne is back to their fashion hub, this time offering Amsterdam in return.

Shaded? Yes please. Sturdy? Made only for tough ones, just like at home.