Date 16.01.2010

The Delayed Black Box – Photos by OG

What do you when the postman came twice to deliver a sending from Rotterdam, and you are not home? And more, what could this sending be? . . . a free ticket to New York by boat, a day tour in its prestigious museums, or maybe a sweater?
I couldn’t stop thinking about this in these cold north European days . . . I couldn’t stop dreaming!
The mysterious box finally got into my hands and I suddenly got the picture… It was a delayed Christmas present! How wonderful is that?

Whitely unexpected and warmly welcomed, the box has traveled and suffered all the obstacles the weather was putting between us. A sweater: hand knitted in leather and alpaca from Peru, and wrapped with festive love; designer Iñiy Sanchez (Oosterhout, 1983) calculated that this beautiful piece will live its first hours under the snow in Amsterdam’s Vondel Park.

And she was right, as it is hard, “winter-proof” unique knitwear. If it had to be tested under the stormy Sunday afternoon or not remains a question, but nothing better than giving this piece a fresh start by hanging it between naked trees and raw baby-conifers.
Sanchez graduated in 2007 from the Fashion Institute Arnhem and is considered one of the upcoming national talents. Through these black boxes, she has symbolically showed her gratitude and thanked the support from those influential in her career (a total of eleven has been delivered during last Christmas).
It has been an honor to be one of the Happy Few… gracias Iñiy!